Ashtanga Yoga – in a nutshell?

Today someone texted me and asked, “Hey Atma Yogi, Are you guys still offering ashtanga classes.  I couldn’t see it on the time table….thanks.”  Before I respond to this text, I would like to put some thoughts to ‘black and white’ as to why this does not have a cut and dry response.

The ‘you guys’ throws a spanner in the mix because at the moment there is only one Atma Yogi.  ‘Offering’ indicates that there is something that will be given, freely or otherwise. The buck stops with the Ashtanga, which by the way is a pronoun and it needs to be capitalised.

Ashtanga Yoga has never been held for ransom, but I am sure it has been kidnapped!  Kidnapped in the minds of practioners who will only go as far as what they know or think about Ashtanga Yoga.  The ransom you must pay to get the kidnapped Ashtanga Yoga released is that you must pay everything until you have nothing.

As Atma Yogi, am I willing to pay everything until I have nothing? What is ‘everything’ and what is ‘nothing’?

I will text back, “I am practicing Ashtanga Yoga everyday as to whether I can offer it to you depends on what you want.  Ashtanga yoga can not be put on the timetable because it is timeless…..


Atha yoganusasanam – Now the Yoga Journey Begins

This is the first verse of Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras, an ancient text written in Sanskrit and it literally means, “Now the yoga journey begins (anew).  Each time I read this line, it is a breathe of fresh air knowing that there is always a chance to study anew.  Here and now, regardless of any previous preparation, this is the auspicious time to practice, right now!  

As a serial procrastinator, I am quite accomplished in complicating the simplicity of Here and Now.  I am always there and tomorrow.  Writing will not only improve my yoga practice but it will deepen my commitment to sharing my practice with others as an instructor.

See you soon!image