Developing Me

Attending the DDD Conference at the University of Queensland last year was an eye opener for me.  I decided then and there, with complete resolution that I would become a Senior Developer and that I would start speaking at Conferences in the very near future.

Was this a change in professions? Actually no. It required the same discipline, exercise, dedication and attention to details that I was performing now. The mystical world of syntax, booleans, elements, were just as real as metaphysics, transmigration of the soul, or Nirvana.

Coding is a form of mysticism that you have to participate and not fake participation. As a struggling mystic I would often fool myself thinking that I have reached the goal. A goal that was often verifiable by me. Numbers, characters, sequences leave the mystic to explore an expression of certainty, verifiable by the outcomes.

Will I reach Nirvana through Coding? I am sure without a doubt that a clarity of purpose and an understanding of unifying principles that are seen and unseen will be revealed.

Stay tuned to the Coding Yogi

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